Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What If???

How does a person maintain sanity in this ever changing world? What is going to happen tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? The possibilities seem endless, for good or bad. Will the economy crash? Will the next president make things better or worse? Is my job as secure as it seems? The endless questions make a person’s head spin. One thing is sure. We don’t know the future. We may make predictions based on the past and the present, but that does not guarantee us the future to be as we have planned.

What is a person to do? The only way I have found to maintain sanity is to live today – just today. Not reliving yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow, just living today. Just now. I can do things today that may make a difference in the future, but ultimately, I cannot change the future. The only thing I control is now. If I am smoking a cigarette now, I may have the consequences of lung cancer in 10 years from now. However, if I make the best decision for the moment I am living in, I will extinguish the cigarette and quit smoking. That does not guarantee that I won’t get lung cancer, but it is the most that I can do to control my health in the future. I may walk across the street and get hit by a bus tomorrow, but if I spend my time worrying about it, I simply wasting the current moment with things I cannot control.

Live today!